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Meta Makers Construction Fund

Help us build a better makerspace for Windsor-Essex! We’re fundraising to purchase building materials for our new facility.


About Meta Makers

We opened Meta Makers Cooperative, Windsor’s first community makerspace, in 2019. A makerspace is a place where people can meet other makers and access tools and resources to make things. For example, if you want to try woodworking, embroidery, pottery, or 3D printing, you could join a makerspace, make friends, and find all the tools you need to get started.

Here are a few things our members made over the past 4 years:


Help us build a better makerspace

Over the past four years, we learned that our makerspace isn’t large enough to meet the needs of makers in Windsor-Essex. As a volunteer-based nonprofit, we don’t have the funds to purchase all of the construction materials that are needed to build the makerspace that Windsor needs. By donating to Meta Makers, you are building a better makerspace that you could join and enjoy in many different ways:

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be framing walls, hanging drywall, painting, lighting and more to make our new makerspace a beautiful place for creativity. We need to finish construction and move in by January 1st. Please donate to help us purchase construction materials, such as

If you have any upcycled materials that you would like to donate, please contact us at

All funds that are raised beyond our construction needs will go towards buying equipment, furnishings, and craft materials so that we can offer more to everyone who uses the makerspace.

Thank you for investing in the future of our community so that makers in Windsor-Essex have a place to flourish and make something wonderful!

To make a donation, please send an etransfer to or use PayPal:

Note: we are a nonprofit cooperative and operate for the benefit of Windsor-Essex, but we are not a registered charity and are not eligible to offer tax receipts.


As thanks for your contribution, we’re offering prizes made here at our makerspace. Prizes will be available for pickup at the makerspace in February and March after our grand re-opening.

Show your support with a $10 donation and receive this Meta Makers sticker. The sticker is roughly 2.5” x 3”.


Show your support with a $25 donation and receive this 3D-printed Meta Makers fridge magnet.


Show your support with a $50 donation and receive this 3D-printed Meta Makers keychain.


Show your support with a $75 donation and receive the full collection of M2C swag, including an M2C sticker, an M2C 3D-printed fridge magnet, and an M2C 3D-printed keychain.


Show your support with a generous $100 donation and we’ll recognize your contribution on our donor signature wall in the new makerspace.


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