Holiday Makers Market!

Saturday, November 26, Noon to 5:00 pm

Call for Vendors! Table space is $40 (please bring your own table). Handmade items only - no 3rd party vendors please. Click here to contact us to book vendor space or receive updates.


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Meta Makers Cooperative (M2C) is a non-profit makerspace in Windsor. Our mission is to provide access to tools and resources to maximize human potential, enabling our members to be autonomous, achieve self mastery and fulfill a sense of purpose. We also believe that science, technology, engineering, arts, and math are an integral part of the making process and when people make, they become empowered. We are a social enterprise with a diverse array of skilled members who help make Makers.

Join and Host Classes and Workshops

Looking for a place to teach your skills and crafts? Become a member at Meta Makers Cooperative and have 24/7 use of the space to offer private and public classes.

To host a class, complete our event form and email it to


Members benefit from access to a co-working space with tools and resources that they might not otherwise have access to. People come for the tools and stay to explore, collaborate and make. It affords them the opportunity to socialize, learn and teach. Being a cooperative, our members are active and engaged in all aspects of our organization.

Membership terms are offered on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis. Day and week passes are also available. Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Review our membership terms here.

Sign up

Fill out our membership form and send the form and a headshot photo of yourself to To can pay by PayPal, eTransfer (, cash or cheque. Contact us to schedule a tour or sign up in person.

Our membership rates are


We are open and operating on the second floor of Sho Studios located at 628 Monmouth Rd., Windsor. We cater to the following interests:

makerspace makerspace makerspace makerspace makerspace


See our feature story in The Drive magazine.


Thanks to the businesses who have donated supplies and equipment:

Libro Credit Unioin Replitech Sho Studios Fusion Fiber Arts Bike Windsor Stiemar Bakery ReNu Kitchen Levigator Press D&R Vacuum WE Tech Alliance Empire Communications

Thanks to these special people for their equipment donations and support:

Special thanks to all of our members!

As a non-profit cooperative, we operate on a 100% volunteer basis and appreciate all contributions. A business can help with the following:

An individual can help with the following:

Please contact us to discuss your generous donation or donate using PayPal

Future Vision

We will achieve our aims through a variety of functions including:

We are confident that the personal growth of our members will ultimately benefit the community and that as we grow, we will expand to offer access to more tools and more resources.

M2C is committed to maximizing human potential with a long-term goal of becoming a charity.

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